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Empowering clients to live with intention through the practice of financial life planning.
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Intentional Planning System

Are You Struggling to Find Financial Direction in a Sea of Misinformation?

Intentional Planning System

The Intentional Planning System is an evidence-based approach to financial life planning created by Triad Financial Advisors that is designed to put you, and what’s most important to you, at its center.

Financial Life Planning

Information Planning
Information planning is the deliberate habit of maintaining and managing the vast amount of information involved in financial life planning—like the recorded maintenance of transfers, trades, contributions, distributions, beneficiary designations, and dates, each of which play a vital role in the many aspects of planning that require precision.
Financial Planning
Financial planning is a comprehensive practice that includes at least six areas of analysis—cash flow, investment, insurance, estate, tax, and retirement planning—and often others, depending on your unique situation, each of which has a necessary impact on the other.
Life Planning
Financial life planning puts you at its center, where our Intentional Discovery process helps you discern and articulate what’s most important to you in life so that we can offer the best direction in your finances.
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Investment Management

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Create A One-Year Plan

One of the biggest challenges facing financial advisors and their clients is the sheer scope of the subject matter—ranging from investment, retirement, tax, insurance, estate, and education planning, as just a start! You can’t do everything at once. Therefore, one of the most helpful tools we offer at TFA is also the most simple: The One-Year Plan.

The One-Year Plan provides us with a space to identify and prioritize action steps, bringing your long-term vision as a client into an achievable short-term plan that we’ll collectively renew each year. But the most potent feature of the 1YP is the connection of your Financial Goals to Life Goals empowered by your household’s personal statement of Intention.

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